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As a patient considering skin cancer removal and reconstruction it may be very stressful to find a surgeon that is both capable of excising your cancer and giving you a cosmetic closure.  It is our philosophy that these defects do not need to be closed by the same surgeon or even on the same day.  Once the cancer is removed and negative margins obtained, closure can be done within a few days.  Remember most dermatologists removing your skin cancer are not facial plastic and reconstructive surgeons.  We truly believe it is always in your best interest to get a second opinion as there is no substitute for expertise.  Dr. Zandifar has a track record of achieving excellent cosmetic results with minimal to no scarring.

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Your first step is to contact our patient care consultant via a phone call or e-mail and request a preliminary phone or in-office consultation with Dr. Zandifar.

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Dr. Zandifar will then review your history, physical exam findings, photographs and pathology results before your consultation.  After reviewing all of your information and examining you, Dr. Zandifar will discuss all your surgical options including any adjunctive procedures.  Together you will develop a customized treatment.  Then Dr. Zandifar and our patient care coordinators will discuss with you pre-operative care, costs, recovery and other accommodations and any questions related to your procedures.

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