Skin Cancer Treatment: Ear

Since the skin of the ear is extremely thin, when skin cancer involves the external ear it is not uncommon that the deeper cartilage can be involved. Reconstruction of the defects of the ear, therefor, must take into consideration, reconstruction of both the skin and the cartilage. The limited supply of the skin makes the reconstruction further challenging.

Basal Cell carcinoma of the Right Ear

Before Mohs Excision

After Mohs Excision

After reconstruction by Dr. Zandifar

Patient is a 52-year-old female with basal cell carcinoma of the right ear. She underwent Mohs surgical excision of the tumor and was referred to Dr. Zandifar for re-construction. She had an advancement flap with the incisions hidden in the natural creases around the ear. This allowed for excellent cosmetic outcome with no visible scar.

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